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Harrison Trains and Scenes proudly presents

Built-&-Ready O Scale Structures

Built-&-Ready structures are hand painted, highly detailed ready-to-place buildings. Most include Dry Transfer Decals, window treatments and/or scene-setting accessories.

Item # Description MSRP You Pay Only Photo* Buy It
WDS5841 O B/U Lubener's General Store $124.99 $112.49 Click Here
WDS5842 O B/U Harrison's Hardware $124.99 $112.49 Click Here
WDS5843 O B/U J.W. Cobbler $129.99 $116.99 Click Here
WDS5844 O B/U Corner Emporium $139.99 $125.99 Click Here
WDS5845 O B/U Country Store Expansion $149.99 $134.99 Click Here
WDS5846 O B/U Deuce's Cycle Shop $149.99 $134.99 Click Here
WDS5847 O B/U Davenport Department Store $159.99 $143.99 Click Here
WDS5848 O B/U Morrison Door Factory $169.99 $152.99 Click Here
WDS5849 O B/U Ethyl's Gas & Service $159.99 $143.99 Click Here
WDS5850 O B/U Sully's Tavern $139.99 $125.99 Click Here
WDS5851 O B/U J. Frank's Grocery $149.99 $134.99 Click Here
WDS5852 O B/U The Depot $169.99 $152.99 Click Here
WDS5853 O B/U Dugan's Paint Store $129.99 $116.99 Click Here

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