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To satisfy the most discriminating modeler, we try to offer products of the most realism. That is why we now offer trees by Bachmann, Scene Scapes. The detail of these beutifully crafted trees will bring your layout to life.

Decidous Trees
Stock # Description Price Details
B32207 5" Walnut, 2 trees $21.00 Click Here
B32208 5 1/2"  Elm, 2 trees $21.00 Click Here
B32209 8" Sycamore, 2 trees $22.00 Click Here
B32210 8" Aspen, 2 trees $22.00 Click Here
B32211 8" Maple, 2 trees $22.00 Click Here
B32213 4 1/2" - 5" Oak, 2 trees $21.00 Click Here
B32214 5" - 5 1/2"  Willow, 2 trees $21.00 Click Here

Stock # Description Price Details
B32001 Pine Trees 5""-6""/6pc $14.00 Click Here
B32002 Pine Trees w/Snow 5""-6""/6pc $14.00 Click Here
B32003 Conifer Trees 5""-6""/6pc $14.00 Click Here
B32004 Spruce Trees 5""-6""/6pc $14.00 Click Here
B32005 Cedar Trees 5""-6""/6pc $14.00 CLick Here
B32012 Blue Spruce Trees 5""-6""/6pc $14.00 Click Here
B32101 Pine Trees 3""-4""/9pc $15.00 Click Here
B32102 Pine Trees w/Snow 3""-4""/9pc $15.00 Click Here
B32103 Conifer Trees 3""-4""/9pc $15.00 Click Here
B32104 Spruce Trees 3""-4""/9pc $15.00 Click Here
B32105 Cedar Trees 3""-4""/9pc $15.00 Click Here
B32112 Blue Spruce Trees 3""-4""/9pc $15.00 Click Here
B32201 Pine Trees 8""-10""/3pc $19.50 Click Here
B32202 Pine Trees w/Snow 8""-10""/3pc $19.50 Click Here
B32203 Conifer Trees 8""-10""/3pc $19.50 Click Here
B32204 Spruce Trees 8""-10""/3pc $19.50 Click Here
B32205 Cedar Trees 8""-10""/3pc $19.50 Click Here
B32212 Blue Spruce 8" - 10"/3pc $19.50 Click Here