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Mega Steam smoke fluid is one of our favorite products. We use it on our layout. It works with Lionel and MTH smoke units among others. Mega Steam puts out a good puff of smoke for operational realism. But, it dissipates so that your train room is not in a fog. We sell Mega Steam in the popular, 2 ounce bottle with the eyedropper. It comes in the the variety of scents listed below. If a scent is not currently in stock, It may take us a week to deliver it.
Stock # Scent Price Buy It
MS1 Coal Fire $5.95
MS2 Diesel $5.95
MS3 Wood Stove $5.95
MS4 Nada $5.95
MS5 Ginger Bread $5.95
MS6 Christmas Pine $5.95
MS7 Candy Cane Express $5.95
MS8 Cinnamon Roll $5.95
MS9 Pumpkin Pie $5.95
MS10 Apple Harvest $5.95
MS11 Beer $5.95
MS12 Smoke Pellet $5.95
MS13 Baking Bread $5.95
MS14 Cedar $5.95
MS15 Hot Chocolate $5.95
MS16 Forest $5.95
MS17 Vanilla $5.95
MS18 Root Beer $5.95
MS19 Frying Bacon $5.95
MS20 Pina Colada $5.95
MS21 Fireplace $5.95
MS22 Popcorn $5.95
MS23 Hickory Wood $5.95