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Make Harrison Trains and Scenes your headquarters for Gargraves track. Gar Graves is the flagship trackage system of Harrison Trains and Scenes. It is great, affordable realism for the builder of either a permanent or modular train layout. It looks great when ballasted with our Woodland Scenics products. Our prices are always below MSRP. At the present, we feature 3-rail, O gauge track with wooden ties. We also now stock Gar Graves 3-rail, O gauge switches, both remote control and manual.

O Gauge, 3-Rail, Tinplate And Stainless Steel:
- Wooden Tie Track, Straights, Curves, Flexible and Fixed Radius
- Switches
- Special Track Sections
- Track Pins
- Electrical Connectors
- Track Screws

There are more products to come in the future, so, check back